The Clearing Mind Blast

Exciting Breakthrough News from Dr. Joe Vitale and Pat O'Bryan --

"How can an Alien Guitar and an Ancient Chant help you get clear of the most stubborn, hidden, and deepest blocks preventing you from attracting what you really really want?"

Announcing -- The World's First "Clearing Mind Blast"

"I AM Shocked! I have only used it twice so far. I have done EFT tapping, Energy work, Pstec, and Z Point. Just LISTENING to the Clearing Mind Blast makes me feel like I have spent DAYS clearing with these other tools... in only 11 minutes of listening!" Andrea Oppedisano

It will help melt down and chase out all negativity, limiting beliefs, and hidden blocks in your unconscious mind.


By using a unique combination of unusual music, ancient subliminal chant, and original tones to work on the stubborn deeper issues in your unconscious that's keeping you from the success you deserve and desire.

After all, how are you ever going to get what you want until you get clear of what's in you preventing it???

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From the E-Desk of Dr. Joe Vitale

Dear Friend,

At the end of 2009 I found the world's one and only Alien Guitar.

I'm not going to defend it or describe it, but believe me, it's real.

When I plugged the amazing Alien Guitar into a cool amp Pat O'Bryan gave me, I suddenly became better than guitarists Steve Vai, Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton, all combined and then multiplied by a quad-crack extra talent formula from another galaxy; all pumping through my veins like a Star Wars battle in my skull while the lust of the gods danced under my skin and made my face contort in ecstasy.

I liked it.

So did Pat.

We decided to use that Alien Guitar, played by me, add the most unusual subliminal statement we've ever recorded (more about that in a moment), and create a clearing audio like nothing you've ever heard -- specifically designed to help clear out ALL negativity in your mind.

Well, what we created was beyond all our expectations.

It's like we somehow channeled a way to exorcise all the negative demons from your mind.

The first person to hear it said it was "other worldly...hypnotic...freeing...and unforgettable."

When I first heard it, I felt "happy giddy" - as if all darkness was being lifted to reveal the pure light of my soul.

You're going to have to hear it for yourself to grasp some of its power and magic.

All I can say is "Whew!"

Please let me explain....

How It's Different Than The Clearing Audio

This is far, far (and I mean FAR) different than our bestselling Clearing Audio.

The Clearing Audio is softer and with subliminal affirmations designed to gently clear you on an unconscious level. It's calm, sweet, and very relaxing.

The "Clearing Mind Blast", however, is a stick of dynamite in music form, designed to blow to smithereens most if not all the negative thoughts in your unconscious.

Yes, you should listen to The Clearing Audio first (for at least thirty days) before moving on to the powerhouse earthmover we're calling The Clearing Mind Blast.

The Clearing Audio prepares you for deeper work.

The Clearing Mind Blast IS the deeper work.

Here's why you'll want it right now --.

Think of something you've been wanting for a long time....

The basic reason you don't have it yet is most likely due to hidden limiting beliefs in your unconscious mind.

What if you could remove those beliefs?

What if your conscious and unconscious mind were finally in alignment to attract to you what you've been wanting?

What if The Clearing Mind Blast actually cleans and clears you??

You have to understand how this works to begin to appreciate just how powerful this new downloadable set of music tracks can be in changing your life.

So let me explain it to you...

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Here's How The Clearing Mind Blast Works

This exciting new audio is truly a breakthrough --

First, you have the world's only Alien Guitar. Yes, it really is an "Alien Guitar" and it really is the only one in the world. I found it in Ireland, had it shipped to me, and have kept it in a secret vault ever since. It's un-be-lieve-able. I don't plan to showcase the Alien Guitar until I go on TV with it on the David Letterman show. But trust me, it's INCREDIBLE.

Second, I used the Alien Guitar to create the most "unusual" music you'll ever hear. This is designed to confuse your conscious mind so it will better allow the new message (which I'll explain in a moment) to get right into your un-conscious, which is where the negative thoughts live and hide. The Alien Guitar music seeks and destroys virtually all negativity. You've got to hear it to even imagine it's power. It's very easy to listen to, but it's very different than all the other music Pat has ever created for our Clearing Audios. This one is "out of this world." When I played the Alien Guitar, I started to laugh, as it felt so darn good that it was making me giddy.

Third, I decided to record something other than a positive statement or affirmation for this clearing audio. What I did was record myself chanting an ancient Sanskrit phrase designed to wipe out all negativity and protect you from harm. Sanskrit is the ancient language of India. It is thousands of years old. Whether you believe that mantras or chanting has any power or not, you have to agree that a language centuries old has a certain "magic" to it. Centuries of people chanting have created a type of "morphic field" of energy. When you hear the chant, you start to merge with that field. This chant, with my voice delivering it to you subliminally (or audibly if you prefer; more on that in a moment) can help dramatically transform your life. Obviously, your conscious mind can't make sense of the Sanskrit chant, so it is permitted to go right into the unconscious and start its cleaning work.

Fourth, the advanced binaural beats used under the above tracks are there to help your mind synch to the music and chanting. This is technology Pat and I use on all our clearing audios. Considering how people love them all, it's clear they are doing something wonderful;. Even the new science of neuroplasticity proves you *can* retrain your mind. This new clearing audio helps do just that.

As if all of the above weren't enough, I also used subtle healing energy as I recorded the chanting and the music, using my skills as a Certified Reiki Master and a Certified Chi Kung Healer.

As you can see, this is incredible.

Combine all of the above and you get a breakthrough in audio enjoyment that becomes a triple-whammy of clearing in your mind.

I'm so excited I can barely keep typing, but let me tell you what you get...

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Here's What You Get --

You'll get the downloadable Clearing Mind Blast on three tracks --

* Track 1 - The ancient chanting statement sung by me - out loud - so you can hear it. (You've never heard anything like this come out of my mouth before. But it's me. I sang from what some musician's call the "zone of truth." You just have to hear it for yourself.)

* Track 2 - The same chanting delivered with our proprietary Milagro VF, which will help your mind naturally attune to its optimum state to receive the chant subconsciously as well as consciously.

* Track 3 - Just the amazing Alien Guitar music, where I played the Alien Guitar (or maybe I let it play me).

These tracks are presented in much the same way as our original Clearing Audo- But this new product is going to go places where The Clearing Audio did not or could not.

You can listen to any of the tracks, or load them all and let them cycle.

It's entirely up to you. We recommend wearing headphones as you listen, but you could also play any or all tracks over your speakers as you work on your computer, walk, work-out, relax or do anything else.

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Now you can get the Clearing Mind Blast on CD!

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Note: Please use the above links ONLY to get the CD.

Use the other links on this page to order the Clearing Mind Blast as an immediate digital download.

If you want more explanation about why it's important (it's essential!) to get clear, just keep reading...

How LOA Really Works

The Law of Attraction (LOA) is as real as gravity. I've already proved this in such books of mine as The Attractor Factor and The Key, and in my audioprogram, The Missing Secret.

The thing is, the LOA works on an un-conscious level.

That means if you have counter-intentions within you, those intentions will get manifested instead of the conscious intentions you really want!

Stay with me on this --

Say you want more money.

You state the intention "I now attract more money into my life."

You sit, meditate, feel the good vibes of having more money.

But -- the money doesn't come.

Why not?

Most likely because in your unconscious mind you have beliefs such as --

"Money is evil."

"Money will attract problems."

"Money will make me a selfish person."

"Wanting money is greedy."

"Rich people are snobs."

If you have one or more of those limiting beliefs within you, do you really think you'll attract any money?

In truth, you'll attract NOT having money.


Because your unconscious counter-intention ("Money is bad") will veto your conscious intention ("I now attract more money into my life").

Is it any wonder some people say The Secret or the Law of Attraction doesn't work?

What can you do about this?

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How the Universe Works

In my book The Key, and in my audioprogram The Missing Secret, I use the following diagram to explain how the Universe works :

how the universe works 2

As you can see, the inspiration you receive to do something is filtered through your belief system.

While you may be aware of some of your conscious beliefs, you most likely don't have a clue what your un-conscious beliefs are.

Yet it's those un-conscious beliefs that need cleared before you'll achieve the results you want!

So what do you do about these counter-intentions and limiting beliefs?

That's why you need The Clearing Mind Blast!

While you may have done some work to remove and release those nasty negative beliefs, what about the ones that are still there right now?

How are you ever going to get what you want until you get clear of what's in you preventing it from coming to you or your accepting receiving it???

NOW is the time to do something about this!

NOW is the time to get clear!

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Yes, There's an Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee

As always, there's a money-back guarantee with The Clearing Mind Blast, so you can use it for 8 weeks and, if you aren't happy, get your money-back.

If I were you, I'd jump on this.


After all, the Alien Guitar music alone is worth it just from the entertainment value.

But what about how it will further help you to get clear?

What about the ancient Sanskrit chant and all the power around it?

Negativity doesn't stand much of a chance when you have the combo Pat and I created for you to listen to right now.

Look. We can't guarantee what good things will happen once you listen to this spectacular and unusual new clearing audio. It is not therapy or medication. We are not therapists or doctors. We can only offer The Clearing Mind Blast as entertainment.

But, as you know, entertainment can often be very healing.

This amazing audio is worth getting just to experience the mind-altering effect of it. As I mentioned above, when I played the Alien Guitar, I felt myself "get happy." It almost felt like the Alien Guitar was speaking to me. It was surreal, but in a wonderful, even miraculous way.

Think about it.

You get the three tracks.

You can download them instantly.

You can play them wherever you want.

You can enjoy them over and over again.

Combined with your intention, your action, and your positive mindset, what could your life become?

I'm daring you to take a step in a new direction.

Get The Clearing Mind Blast and enjoy what it does for you.

Go get it

buy now


Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of way too many books to list here

PS -- Think of something you've been wanting for a long time....The basic reason you don't have it yet is most likely due to hidden limiting beliefs in your unconscious mind. But what if you could remove those beliefs? What if your conscious and unconscious mind were finally in alignment to attract to you what you've been wanting? What if The Clearing Mind Blast actually works?? Remember, it comes with a money-back guarantee. Just click here to order right now. You'll have access to the tracks and can download them within minutes.

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PPS -- You should listen to the original Clearing Audio for 30 days before listening to The Clearing Mind Blast. If you don't have our first and most famous Clearing Audio yet, there are two ways to go get it right now-- (downloadable) (CD)


For more information, or if you need help downloading your Clearing Mind Blast audios, please email

Pat can be found at


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